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Stand Up Skiers 

Two, Three and Four track skiers are very successful at Lakes Region Disabled Sports.  Three-track skiers use one ski and two outriggers. Four-track skiers use two skis and two outriggers.  Our knowledgeable instructors are capable of instructing beginners at the Wonder Carpet.  Continuing the education, students can progress to the longer and more challenging terrain Gunstock Mountain Resort offers. 

Sit  Skiers

A team of Lakes Region Disabled Sports instructors will provide the student with instruction on the specialized equipment.  Instruction is patterned with the same progression steps as stand up skiers.  The student is encouraged to advance at their own pace, ensuring they remain within their own comfort level.  

We offer sit  skiers two types of equipment based on their individual needs.  Monoskis contains a single ski under the seat.  The skier is fitted with two small arm outriggers for balance and stability.   Potential mono skiers are checked for good upper-body and arm strength.  

The Bi-ski is used for people who have a somewhat more limited control of the upper body and arms.  The Bi-ski has two skis mounted under the seat.  Depending on strength and balance skiers can be fitted with hand held outriggers, or the bi-ski can be configured with two fixed outriggers.  


Adaptive snowboarding for those who want something different because it's not just for teenagers any more.   With advances in snowboarding equipment and our ability to adapt and modify gear, learning to ride is easier than ever.  Snowboarding can be for riders with mild motor deficits or those who are visually or hearing impaired. Using a hand held outrigger or two for balance is just one of the ways that we are able to adapt snowboarding to meet a rider’s needs.