2016 Diana Golden / Mills Cup race was a great success!

Thank you Dick for your volunteer photography and everyone who helped LRDS host this race!

A successful Diana Golden adaptive ski race was sponsored by Lakes Region Disabled Sports at Gunstock. Conditions were favorable. Activities included the race, a lunch cookout and awarding of medals for those who placed in the top three in various categories.
Paige Davis, program director and Charlie Bedirian, assistant director, worked long and hard resulting in another well coordinated race. 
Various teams from New Hampshire and Maine participated. 
The LRDS team of four all received medals for their performances. A fifth team member, Mateo, unfortunately broke his arm during the last day of practice, He had worked hard all winter for the race and significantly reduced his time from last year. The team and volunteers missed Mateo but know he will return for the race next year.